Pets policies

We are not pet frilendy but we accept service animals

If you have a service dog, you are welcome to bring it with you when you stay with us. For this reason, we invite you to learn about our Service Dog Policy so that your stay is even more comfortable and pleasant.

● According to relevant national laws, service dogs are defined as animals specifically trained to perform a task for a Person with a Disability. So you can accompany your guide anywhere to which the public has access, including hotels where they are NOT allowed pets, as is the case at Villas Sol. However, service animals are not pets and they are welcome.

● In some cases, it is not reasonable or possible for a service dog to accompany your guide to a specific area. If the presence of the service dog affects the guide's ability to use the hotel's goods and services, adaptations. The hotel may also offer to secure the animal in a place specific and offer the assistance of an employee or provide a service alternative.

● However, it is not permitted to separate a person with a service dog from others. Clients are due to the presence of their service dog, but we can ask the handler to remove the animal from a specific area if the service dog becomes one. Aggressive, growling, barking excessively, attacking or jumping on other customers or employees.

● We do not charge extra fees for service dogs, but the hotel may charge you to the owner against any destruction of property.

Our collaborators understand the importance of customer privacy. However, you can ask the following questions to verify a dog's service: Is a service dog necessary due to a disability? What is it for? Has the dog been trained to help? or ask its owner for certification of the animal as a service dog.

● The Hotel is not responsible for the care, feeding, grooming, or bathing of a service dog. The handler must take care of him, he must even make the dog do his needs only in the appropriate areas.

● If other clients are severely allergic to dogs, efforts are made to reasonably meet the needs of all parties.

● Guests are encouraged to inform us that a service dog will accompany you at the time of making your reservation. In this way it allows us to make reasonable accommodations and ensure a more comfortable stay.